Drake took time off from work to throw a lavish party for his son, Adonis, and his friend painted adorable animal faces

Drake hosted a spectacular party for his three-year-old son Adonis at his residence.

The 34-year-old Hotline Bling musician celebrated his only child with a giant ball pit, animal face paints, and basketball hoops.

Drake lavished his son Adonis’ fourth birthday party��10.

Drake went all out for his son Adonis’ fourth birthday party.Source: Instagram

The child had tiger facial paint.


The child had tiger facial paint.Source: Instagram

Drake, who has Adonis with artist Sophie Brussaux, posted delightful party photographs on Instagram on Monday.

“Pool parties at the YOLO sure do look different these days.”

The photographs showed Adonis with tiger face paint and teeth facing the camera.

The child played in a huge white ball pit with three basketball hoops above it.

He growled at the camera like an animal.

10 He hissed at the camera, representing his wild persona.Source: Instagram

Adonis played in a vast white ball pit with basketball hoops above.


Adonis played in a vast white ball pit with basketball hoops above.Source: Instagram

Drake’s basketball jersey was red.


Instagram photo of Drake wearing red basketball jersey

Drake watched in a red basketball shirt like a happy parent.

A blue trampoline and little soccer goal were also built by the father-of-one.

Drake and Adonis seemed to like figҺting with pink, green, and purple balloon swords.

The rapper and Sophie Brussaux have one child, Adonis.

The party had a trampoline.


The party had a trampoline.Source: Instagram

Drake shared Adonis with Sophie Brussaux, a retired adult film actress

Drake shared Adonis with Sophie Brussaux, a retired adult film actressSource: Instagram

Sophie, shown having dinner with Drake in Amsterdam in January 2017, gave birth to their baby in October 2017.

Drake travels between his Toronto and Los Angeles houses while Adonis resides with Sophie in Paris.

Drake accepted his Artist of the Decade award at the BillBoard Music Awards in May with Adonis.

Adonis took his son and said, “I want to dedicate this award to you!” as he cried.

Adonis and Sophie reside in Paris 10Source: Instagram

The God’s Plan singer discussed introducing his son to Instagram last year.


In March 2020, Drake posted romantic photographs of Adonis and Sophie with the toddler on social media.

He had only shown images of Adonis’ artwork, Father’s Day present, and birthday party décor before then, never of his mini-me.

Drake explained that he posted the photographs to “free himself” from “living under this blanket” of famous privacy.

Drake shared the stage with Adonis at the May 10 Billboard Music Awards.

Drake performed with Adonis at the May Billboard Music Awards.Image source: Getty : Getty

It was amazing for me. I enjoyed sharing that with the world “on Young Money Radio with Lil Wayne. 

“One morning I woke up and thought, you know what? I just want to accomplish this. I want to travel and make memories with my son.

“I don’t want to feel like I have to shelter everyone because I choose to be a ‘star’… I wаnted to escape that.”

As Kim Kardashian filed for divorce in March, insiders said Drake was “ready to date” her and started contacting her.

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